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How to Maintain Kids' Oral Health?

Dentists recommend parents brush their children’s teeth for them until about age 6. Then it's time to start teaching your child why and how to brush his or her own teeth to prevent cavities, tooth decay and painful trips to the dentist. Here are some popular tricks parents use to motivate their children to maintain dental health.

TRICK #1: Get Fancy, Fun Brushes

These days you can find all sorts of kid-friendly brushes in bright colours and covered with favourite movie and TV-show characters. Let the child pick out his/her own favourite brush and paste.

TRICK #2: Sing A Song

Make the routine fun! Turn the whole process into a song and sing along as your child brushes his/her teeth. Music adds an element of fun to any task.

TRICK #3: Calendar Gifts

Reward them weekly or daily with an enticing prize when they brush, floss and rinse.

TRICK #4: Tell a Tooth Story

Explain why it is important to brush with a story. Add fun characters like sugar bugs, a fairy princess who looks like a sparkling tooth and a mean Mr. Germs bad guy. After you have told the story a few times, ask your child to tell the story some nights. This reinforces the importance of brushing.