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Symptoms of Tooth Decay

A cavity is a decayed part of the tooth, and it can make itself known in a variety of ways. This depends on how serious it is and where it is in the mouth. This decay is usually caused due to untreated plaque and tartar. Usually, symptoms are not noticeable until the area of the tooth decay gets larger. If and when symptoms do occur, they may include the following.

#1 Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can lead to tooth pain while consuming food or beverages. This pain can be mild or more severe, and strikes when you eat foods or drink beverages that are exceptionally hot or cold. Even highly sweet foods and liquids can cause this painful sensation.

#2 Holes in Teeth

When you have a cavity, you may be able to see a hole in the tooth where the decay occurs.

#3 Toothache

This could be mild to severe pain in the tooth. It is especially noticeable when you take a bite.

#4 Stains

Dark stains on teeth that appear brownish or black are another indication of a cavity.

#5 X-rays

Often, there are no obvious red-alert signs that you have a cavity, such as pain or holes. It is an x-ray during a dental visit that illuminates the problem. This is just another reason to keep up with your regular 6-month dental check-ups.
A good dental care routine can keep the germs, plaque and tartar build-up at bay. Maintaining a diet that comprises of food low on acidic components and high on calcium also helps.

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