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4 Signs of Enamel Erosion

Enamel is the strongest surface in the body. However, it can also be worn away over time due to the intake of highly acidic foods, beverages or if you have a highly sugary diet. If you’re less than confident when biting into hard, raw veggies such as carrots, check out these symptoms to see if your tooth enamel may be wearing away, leaving your teeth vulnerable to everything from chips and cracks, to cavities .

SIGN #1: Dents on Teeth

If you start to notice indentations (or dents) on your teeth, which is usually referred to by your dentist as cupping, it could signal that tooth enamel has eroded .

SIGN #2: Yellowish Teeth or Exposed Dentin

Yellowing of teeth is another symptom that indicates that enamel may be wearing away. This happens when more of the dentin (or the hard, dense, bony tissue forming the bulk of a tooth beneath the enamel) within the tooth is exposed (dentin has a natural yellowish colour).

SIGN #3: Chipped Teeth

If you start to see tiny chips and cracks in your teeth, this could be another red alert that the enamel on your teeth is eroding. This happens when your teeth are becoming weaker and are less able to withstand biting and chewing without getting chipped.

SIGN #4: Sensitivity

If your teeth are becoming more sensitive over time, especially to extreme temperatures, like breathing in cold air, or drinking beverages such as hot teas and coffee or cool ice-water, then this could be a signal that your enamel is being stripped, making your teeth more vulnerable to decay.

You may also feel a short jolt of pain when you eat very sweet foods, which your weakened teeth can respond to immediately .

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